Las Vegas Trip Report

December 20-25, 1998

Random Musings:

Well, it was that time again. Dan and I had received a number of excellent offers in the mail from our favorite casinos and combined with my desire to use up some Las Vegas Advisor coupons, we found ourselves booked for five nights in Las Vegas. Because we had the time, we decided to drive to Las Vegas instead of paying holiday airfare.

This would be our fifth trip together to Las Vegas since we celebrated my birthday in 1995, meeting in LV after Dan's mountain bike trip with an online cycling group in Utah. Since that time we've learned a lot, but the number one thing we've learned is that we both love Las Vegas!

The trip report that follows will have two formats. The one you'll see on the Usenet newsgroup (alt.vacation.las-vegas) will just be text (of course). I'll be separating my notes from Dan's with "***Dan Writes***". In the HTML version on my webpage, you'll find Dan's notes in Italics and there will be thumbnail pictures of the things I am talking about. Clicking on them will bring up the full sized picture and you'll need to use your browser's "back" button to return to the report. In addition, I'll make links throughout the report for you to go to the photo pages for that particular hotel or location. I hope it makes things a bit easier to read.

Here we go!

I'd been fighting a cold for a few weeks, but spending the day with the Typhoid Twins (my darling niece and adorable nephew) had me waking with a sore throat on our departure day. Something I would battle through the whole trip.

We primed ourselves for our trip by watching "Lost in America" on video the night before we left. It warmed us up for the lights and glitter as well as giving us ammunition for several running jokes throughout the trip. We packed everything and left it by the door and tried to get to bed early.