Las Vegas Trip Report

October 12-15, 1997

Day One - Sunday October 12, 1997

We flew into Vegas on Southwest as part of their vacation package. Our plane was packed but landed on time.

After some slight confusion, we found our luggage and quickly hopped on the bus to Alamo. I was surprised there was no wait for the bus. Of course, there was a HUGE line at Alamo and we had to wait well over an hour to get our car. At least they gave us coupon books to read in line.

We arrived at Golden Nugget around 2pm. We checked in and were given a room in the South Tower (1096) with a King bed. Our room was large and beautifully decorated. Nice touches with valances, etc. The room had a little table with two chairs by the window, the standard armoire with TV inside and nightstands on either side of the bed. Then there was a decent sized closet and opposite that was a vanity table with chair. The table had a lighted makeup mirror and was totally separate from the bathroom. I love this feature in hotels, especiallly in Vegas where we always end up in some huge hurry to get ready for dinner or a show. The bathroom was also good sized and had a blowdryer as well as magnifying mirror and tub/shower combination. Out our window we had a view of.. well, a view of a wall, but you can't get everything you ask for, right?

We unpacked and went downstairs to the Carson Street Cafe. I loved the location (very near the elevators) and the service was reasonably quick. We had a late lunch and planned the rest of our day.

We walked over to Binions and joined the slot club. I planned on doing plenty of gambling there. I found some video poker machines I had never seen before. They were called Double Down Stud or something to that effect. You are dealt 4 cards and then you select whether or not you want to double your bet, based upon those cards. You're paid 1 for pairs 6's through 10's. 2 Jacks or Better, 3 for 2 pair, etc. After a fairly short time, I was up to about 600 credits and cashed out.

After that, we went to the 4-Queens and did their free pull thing. We hung around waiting for the drawing and didn't win anything. I never win anything there. Why do I keep going back?

We walked around Fremont Street, saw the show and checked out the vendors. Then, we walked over to Main Street Station. I wasn't quite hungry yet because we had such a late lunch, so we sat down and played Blackjack for an hour or so. I have never had more fun playing in Vegas. The dealers were all so friendly and fun, I hardly noticed when I was losing. We ended up coming out ahead by about $15. I just wish I had jotted down the names of our two dealers and the pit boss at the time. They were all wonderful.

We had dinner at the Triple 7 BrewPub. There was a show happening in there that was good, but much too loud for my taste. Dan tried the Pale Ale and the Amber and we had the spiciest "mild" buffalo wings I've ever had. I hope that they screwed up our order, because I'd hate to try the hot if those were mild! We also had garlic fries, which were yummy. We had the waiter from hell, so we decided to leave.

Dan went back to play blackjack and I tried out the video poker. They had a deal where for every 4 of a kind you hit with max. coins in, you got a scratch off card. I hit 3 of them, but never got more than $3.00 on a card. I'm almost positive it's impossible to win them, because the woman playing on the opposide side of the machines from me also never got more than $3.00.

After Main Street Station, we went out to Rio to see the Masquerade show. Unfortunately, we got there too late. We had missed it. But we decided to stay and play anyway. After joining the slot club, we sat down at the Multi-Game machines (I forget which ones.. not the Oddessy, but the older ones) and did okay.. but nothing to write home about. Then we moved to some I hadn't seen before. Sneaky Queens video poker. It wasn't long before I hit 4-Aces for $100! I was thrilled. Dan hit 4-Kings right after that and we called it a night.