Las Vegas Trip Report

October 12-15, 1997

Day Four - Wednesday, October 15, 1997

We slept in late and checked out just before noon. We had a very late breakfast downstairs at Carson Street Cafe again (did I mention how much I love the convenience of this restaurant?) and headed for Luxor. Since our last trip in May, Dan had wanted to see the second part of Search for the Obelisk. I couldn't remember what it was, but I did remember it was supposed to be stupid. We asked at the ticket counter and found out that in fact, it was stupid. It's a simulated talk show. Whatever.

Let me just interrupt this trip report to talk about how irritating I find the staff at Luxor. The girl who was working at the ticket booth was a complete bitch. I waited for the family in front of me to buy tickets and I stepped up. I asked politely, "I'm sorry, I can't remember, what exactly is the 2nd part of Search for the Obelisk?" She grunted, rolled her eyes and said, "It's stupid." She then pointed me to a sign in the far corner over by the entrance of the show. I calmly, without killing anyone, walked over, read the sign and talked to Dan. We went back and ended up getting tickets to the 3D IMAX show Into the Deep, but I was not happy about giving someone so rude any of my money.

Anyway, putting that behind me, we had some time to kill before the movie, so we went into the Sega arcade and had some fun. Dan rode the flight simulators in the corner that flip you around and upside down. All he said when he got off was, "Remind me to never do that again" as he held his stomach.

We calmed down by doing the racecars, and some other games. I love the sega racecars. It is probably my favorite arcade game in Vegas. Dan and I get so fiercely competitive when we race each other. I recommend that nobody get between us. We usually end up drawing a crowd. This race was no exception. About halfway through the race, Dan hit my car and caused me to flip over and crash! I was pissed, so I chased up to him and started reaching over so I could slap him in the car next to me to distract him so I could pass. We had too much fun.

We made a couple of phone calls home and then it was time for the movie. The Luxor's IMAX Theater is pretty nice. The rows of seats are very steep so that you have a totally unobstructed view in front of you. I liked the arrangement, but I can't figure out what the safety bars that come down into your laps are for.

The movie was basically a trip underwater in Monterey Bay. I have been diving there a couple of times and they showed some of the nicer stuff there is to see. I laughed a bit at the sounds they had underwater. If anyone has been diving, you'll know what I'm talking about. Seals don't bark and there aren't many splashing sounds underwater in the real world. But overall, it was a good movie.

I really enjoyed the technology of the headsets. The last 3D movie I saw as Captain E-O at Disneyland and this was FAR from that experience. The headsets consist of polarized lenses for 3D and have speakers by your ears to provide 3D sound as well as the picture. It was pretty convincing. I was not the only one reaching out to touch the kelp.

After that, we got an ice cream in the new Giza Galleria shopping area and walked over to Excalibur to do their Magic Motion Ride. The one playing was "Street Luge". As always, it was fun and exciting. The Magic Motion Ride is my pick for most reliable good time in Vegas. It has never disappointed me.. and the price can't be beat, especially with the 2for1 coupon in the fun book (just ask at the promotions desk, they'll give you one.) This time we were in there with a group of people who were out for a good time. They were in their late 40's, early 50's and had been partaking of some ale. Their great attitudes made the ride even better.

The movie was fun. I still like the sand dunebuggy one better, but this was a street luge (yeah, like in the Olympics, but on wheels and on the street) down some scary roads. You have to outrun the police on this thing and you don't always stay on the road. It is a rough ride as always, and has a good plot. I give it two thumbs up.

We walked back to Luxor, got our car from the valet and drove in circles trying to find Alamo again. We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare so I played a little bit more video poker. Those machines are not good to me, but I can never resist just ONE MORE HAND before I go.

At 5pm we were herded onto our Southwest flight and we waved good-bye to the strip out our window.

Again.. another wonderful trip and again, we spent the whole flight home talking about all the things we're going to do next time.

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