Lied Discovery Children's Museum

The Lied Discovery Children's Museum, repeatedly voted the number one museum in town by the Las Vegas Review Journal's "Best of Las Vegas" reader's poll, offers two floors and a tower filled with hands-on art, science and humanities exhibits, entertaining workshops, traveling exhibits and special events for all kinds of occasions, adding up to a terrific family outing, with lots of education thrown in.

Downstairs is the Museum's arts and humanities floor. Kids hopscotch up and down a musical pathway, freeze their shadows on a wall, ham it up on a small performing stage, or hear the same message in several different languages, including Navajo, Yiddish and Swahili. The wondrous Balls and Tracks exhibit is an opportunity to "build a better mousetrap: using pipes, tubes, fittings and rolling golfballs. In Everyday Living, young visitors earn a "paycheck," use the ATM machine in the bank, learn about mail delivery in the post office, and shop for groceries in the pint-sized store. For younger visitors, there's an exciting new attraction called Desert Discovery. In development for three years, the 2,000 square foot exhibition is especially designed to meet the learning styles of little learners ages five and younger. The colorful and whimsical hands-on pavilion offers plenty of fun and learning opportunities in four special play areas with a Nevada desert theme. Each play area - Boulder Mountain, Cactus Construction, Baby Oasis and Desert in the Dark - serves the different developmental stages and needs of five and unders. There is also a cozy Parent Resource Room where parents and caregivers can meet each other, gather educational information and attend workshops.

The museum's second floor rings with the voices of kids and adults singing along to the hits in K-KID, an in-house radio station, or excitedly responding to flashy electricity exhibit like the giant Plasma Ball and the Human Battery. The Visual Perception pavilion and the Magic Eye will have you doubting the messages your eyes are sending to your brain. And all that excess kid power can be harnessed to create a lightning spark or power a TV set. As a bonus, the intriguing eight-story Science Tower sports echo tubes, 30-foot glass tubes that demonstrate the effect of air pressure on fluids, and a dazzling fiber optic and neon sculpture that's activated by a keyboard.

Tuesdays through Saturdays in the big, blue Creativity Workshop, kids design a variety of art and science projects to make and take. Workshops in creating ant farms, pictographic paper scrolls, decorative masks and lots of other enticing projects are featured regularly. Workshops and activities for Little Learners are offered daily in the Parent Resource Room. Even the younger museum visitor will enjoy making "cloud dough, " rainbow hand prints, sunbeam catchers, and lots of other kid-pleasing projects. A schedule of events and activities for both workshops is available by calling 702-382-3445 or visiting their website at

The museum is located on Las Vegas Blvd. North, on the other side of Downtown. For more information call 702-382-3445 or visit their website at

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