Bally's Photos

These photos are submitted by Susanna Nicholas. She recently stayed in a Parlor Suite at Bally's. Here's what she had to say about the room:

The television was a 32 inch, decent picture, minimum cable channels. The modem is to the left of the TV, a very stupid location considering the desk is across the room and the CAT-5 cable only stretched to the small table next to the window. Which, subsequently, was where we set up the laptop as opposed to moving the desk.

The front hallway was fairly long, about 12 - 15 ft.

The Jacuzzi was decent; they should have said Jacuzzi tub as opposed to just Jacuzzi. There are two mirrored closets, one on each side of the Jacuzzi tub. Same goes for the sinks; the sink on the right side had vanity bulbs. Behind the door on the left is the toilet, behind the door on the right is the bidet. The shower (not pictured) is located in between the toilet and the bidet.

The living area was decently sized. For a hotel room, you certainly aren't cramped for space. Lots of open area and walking space - all in all about 600 - 625 sq ft. The blinds opened up completely. There is a sliding glass door to the balcony but the door only opened approximately 4 inches.

Thanks Susanna!


Bally's Room

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