Main Street Station Brochure

I discovered this brochure on our December visit. It lists the antiques that are throughout the casino and where they originally came from. I have put the three pages of the brochure here because I find it really fasinating. I hope you will to.

Be patient, these are big images loading below!

These cars listed here in 1 and 2 are the cars that are outside the hotel, along Main Street on the walk from the casino to Fremont Street.
This is the window pictured in #5

I love the apothecary cabinet in #7. It's behind the front desk and full of keys (even though the hotel uses card keys now) It is full of beautiful wood-working. I'd love to have it in my house, but I have nowhere to display it.

You can see the Fireplace, sideboard and bar in my pictures of the Pullman Grille on the webpage with my Main Street Station Pictures.

You can see some of the chandeliers in #17 and the statue of the Goddess in the buffet picture on the main web page for this hotel.

As well as the pictures of the Berlin Wall in the Men's Room.

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