Included are pictures of Buffalo Bills, Whiskey Pete's and Primm Valley

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Whiskey Pete's

Bonnie and Clyde Death Car and Clyde Barrow's Shirt

California Lottery Building just over the border

Monorail between Primm Valley and Whiskey Pete's

Primm Valley

Entrance to the Outlet Mall
Primm Valley Resort's Pool

Buffalo Bill's

The view of Buffalo Bill's from the Highway Exit
The view of the roller coaster from my room - #849
The view of the pool from my room
Views of the bed / TV / Table area. Notice the faux wood wallpaper.
I wonder if Circus Circus knows about this carpet
I am 6' tall and this is what the hallway looks like to me. That ceiling is about 6'7" high. Basketball players will have to duck their heads on the walk to the rooms
I kind of think this chair is cute in a tacky, Knott's Berry Farm kind of way.
This is one of the two "seat" areas in the shower. I'm not sure what they're for if not for sitting, but who needs to sit down and rest in the shower?

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