Vegas Videos

I've been toying with the idea of setting up some video on the website for quite some time. On our June 2000 trip, we shot over an hour of video tape and that has been compiled into the mpg video clips. Below, I have listed a description of the video along with a link. Click on the link to download the video to your computer. You should be able to view the mpg file with your windows multimedia player. Enjoy!

Aladdin Construction (day)

This video is a shot of the construction going on in June 2000.

Aladdin Construction (night)

This video shows the facade in progress at night, June 2000

360-degree view of Bellagio

This video is a 360 degree view from in front of the lake at Bellagio. It includes Paris, Caesar's Palace Tower and the lakefront area of Bellagio

Bellagio Conservatory (day)

This is the interior of the conservatory in June 2000 shot from the staircase.

Bellagio Conservatory (night)

This is the night before the daytime shot, but from the opposite side of the conservatory (by the buffet entrance)

Bellagio Fountain -
Con Ti Partido

This is the fountain show that goes with the "Bellagio Theme Song" Con ti Partido/Time to Say Goodbye

Bellagio Fountain - Pavarotti

This is the fountain show of Pavarotti singing "Rondine Al Nido"

Desert Passage at Aladdin

Views of the different decor in the themed shopping center at Aladdin

Desert Passage at Aladdin - Contortionist

There are many different performers at Desert Passage. This is the contortionist.

Desert Passage - Thunderstorm

Video of the thunderstorm that takes place every 30 minutes in the Merchants' Harbor area of the Desert Passage at Aladdin.

Desperado at Buffalo Bills

This is video of the roller coaster at Buffalo Bills located in Primm about 20 minutes from the Strip at the state line between Nevada and California

El Rancho Liquidation Sale

This video was shot at the El Rancho Liquidation Sale. It is the exterior and garage of the hotel as well as the ground floor of the shopping.

El Rancho Liquidation Sale (in a room)

This video was taken from a suite on the 6th floor where furniture and carpeting was for sale.

Fremont Street Experience - fiddler

This is video of Barry Van Wie playing the electric violin on Fremont Street.

Fremont Street Experience - Odyssey

This is a video clip with hilights of the Fremont Street Experience show Odyssey.

Fremont Street - Dancing in the Street

This is a video clip with hilights of the Motown themed Fremont Street Experience show Dancing in the Street

Fremont Street Experience - Heartbeat of a Planet

This is a video clip with hilights of the Fremont Street Experience show Heartbeat of a Planet

Fremont Street Experience - Race Rock

This is video of the racing-themed restaurant on Fremont Street Race Rock.

Mirage Volcano

Video of the Mirage Volcano.

Paris - Exterior and Fountain

This is the fountain in front of Paris.

Rio Suites - Parade in the Sky

This is hilights of the Parade in the Sky in the Masquerade Village at Rio Suites. The people sitting on the "floats" are tourists and the ones standing are the performers.

Rio Suites - VooDoo Lounge View

This is one of the best views in town! Shot from the patio at VooDoo Lounge on the 51st floor of the Rio Suites Masquerade Tower.

Sahara - Speed The Ride

This is the new roller coaster to go with the NASCAR theme at Sahara.

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

This is the newest attraction at Mandalay Bay featuring hundreds of sea creatures in a huge aqarium exhibit.

Treasure Island Strip View at Sunset

This is the amazing and gorgeous view from room #28024 at Treasure Island

Treasure Island Pool

The view of the pool area at closing time.

Treasure Island view of Mirage Volcano

The view of the volcano from my room at Treasure Island

Treasure Island view of Bellagio Fountains

View of the Bellagio Fountains from my room at Treasure Island