Las Vegas Trip Report

Scouting Wedding Locations

March 9-11, 2003

Day One -
Arriving in Vegas, Paris Hotel, Chapels at Rio, Paris and Aladdin, Dinner at Mon Ami Gabi.
Day Two -
Chapels at Bellagio, Treasure Island, Mandalay Bay, Panorama Suite at Aladdin, Le Rendezvous Lounge, China Grill, Freed's Bakery

Day Three -

Monte Carlo Chapel, Rio Masquerade Suite, check out of Paris and fly home

This trip was primarily for us to look at possible locations to get married in the next year or so. I feel like I have a fair amount of knowledge and information about Las Vegas as a tourist, but I find myself totally clueless about getting married in Vegas. It always seemed so easy. If Dan ever asked, I'd say yes and we'd whisk off to Vegas and get married on the boat in front of Treasure Island. Not so easy once he finally did ask last Christmas. He asked and I found myself really starting to think about getting married. Should I go to Vegas or should I do it near my new home of Washington State? Should I get married close to where the majority of our family members live in Southern California? Should I have a big shindig or just something for Dan and I? So many questions, so few clues. :)

I got on the phone and hit the internet and found out lots of great information. We looked at some places in Washington and got information about Disneyland weddings (where we had our first date). I had too many questions about the places that sounded good to us in Las Vegas. We just had to take a trip out there to see things for ourselves and see if something there really sang to us and said, "I'm the one!"

I called everywhere I could think of, visited all the websites, got all the brochures, got the catering department to send menus, looked at pictures and talked to other Vegas Brides. I had all the information I could get and put together a list of places I needed to visit. Got some plane tickets and a pretty good price at Paris and we were all set…. So off we go…

For those who haven't read one of our trip reports before, we do sort of a he said/she said thing. To keep it from getting too confusing, all of Dan's comments are in itallics.