Rio Suites Pictures

We stayed at Rio Suites for the first time in December 1998, although we had gambled there on a few other trips. We got an offer in the mail for two nights and a bunch of food discounts/free meals for the cost of $110 and couldn't pass it up.

Here are some pictures of our room, in the Masquerade Tower, room #17009.

In the picture of the shower above, and the second one down on the right side, you can see a little window. Yes, that's Dan's smiling face peering through to say hello in the shower. It can be disturbing when you're going potty early in the morning!

As you can see, the room is comfy and full of amenities. There's a refrigerator, coffee machine, vanity (complete with lighted mirror), drawers, safe, second sink area, desk with phone and data port for the laptop and a comfy couch to lounge on.

I thought the column in the room (top, right photo) was strange, but apparently they are in many of the rooms. Odd place for a column, but it didn't really get in our way much. It just limited our view a little. If you're concerned about it, ask for a room without one when you check in. I'm sure they know which ones have them and which ones don't.

Here's a late afternoon view from our room. We were on the concave side of the Masquerade Tower, but could see from Bellagio (if you really leaned against the glass) past downtown and down I-15. Great view. Looking down we could see the pool and spa area, as well as the new suites and convention area being built. That picture didn't turn out. Sorry!

I wanted to put this picture in here for a couple of reasons.

One - I think this sleigh in the pool area is cute.

Two - It shows our room up there on the 17th floor.

Three - you can get a good idea of the location of the patios for the Voodoo Lounge and Voodoo Cafe. The views from the restaurant and bar are unbelievable. You look across the highway and can see from Downtown to Mandalay Bay with a completely unobstructed view.

Don't miss it!



Part of our package deal at the Rio were two free tickets to ride in the Masquerade in the Sky parade that takes place every two hours throughout the day. Dan rode in the Midnight, Christmas Eve parade. Here are the pictures of this spectacle!

That picture in the top left is of two acrobats, dressed like Elvis, spinning around on cables above the casino floor.

Only in Las Vegas!

The cute hippie in the pictures (all alone in the middle, right picture) is Dan. The float he is on is called the Brazillian.

Did I mention it was cold outside? Yes, that really is an icicle that is hanging off the waterfall area of the shell pool at the Rio.

For more information about the Rio Suites Hotel & Casino, including online reservations, contact their webpage here.

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