Main Street Station Pictures

We have stayed at Main Street Station twice and have gambled extensively in their casino on our last four trips. This is my favorite hotel in Las Vegas. It is small and easy to navigate with excellent gaming opportunities and GREAT food. Dan's favorite part of the hotel/casino is the Brew Pub and the fact they will comp you microbrewed beer at the tables/machines.

In addition to that, the room is beautiful and just a block away from the entertainment of Fremont Street.

Our first visit was in October 1997. This was the view from our room, #711.

We returned on an excellent offer of two free nights in December 1998 and ended up in room #1519.

This last picture is my favorite. It's a picture of the first room of our trip at Main St. Station to the last room of our trip at Rio! That's it just to the left of the last red neon strip on the right, 17 floors up!

On our trip we also had an elegant dinner at the Pullman Grille in the hotel. This place is very beautiful!


I had Dan go into the Men's Restroom by the buffet to take these pictures of the Berlin Wall. Yes, that's an actual piece of the wall behind those urinals!

We took this picture of the buffet and this other one of one of the decoriations for Christmas.

More buffet pictures (click on them for a larger picture)


And here's a picture from Main Street outside of one of the amazing stained glass windows.

I found this brochure on my trip in December. It lists the different antiques and their locations around the hotel. Each antique has a little paragraph or two about where it came from and sometimes how the casino aquired it. I found this incredibly fascinating and was sorry I discovered it on my last day, while I was checking out of the hotel. It was in a brochure box by the front desk.

I have scanned the three segments of the brochure and put it on another web page. In order to make it readable, I had to scan them at their actual size, which makes for large images. If you have a fast internet connection, or if you have some time to spare and are fascinated by this stuff like I am, click on the image or the link to get to more information about the Artifacts, Antiques & Artworks of Main Street Station.





For more information about Main St. Station, visit their webpage here.

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